A globally oriented service for a globally integrated world

CoinBytes has earned an undisputed position as the number one growing Investment company within High Yield Fixed Income in the Global Oil and Offshore and Corporates Primary and Secondary markets.
With the largest Fixed Income Department dedicated to High Yield bonds for these sectors, CoinBytes is the best in terms of both market knowledge and placing power.

Disciplined investment process

In our view, combining a top down and bottom up dynamic approach to exploit diversified sources of alpha is key to delivering consistent performance over time. Given our size we are nimble enough to add value via security selection, while still enjoying the ability to seek optimal execution in the markets.

Track Record

We are a leading Fixed Income provider, managing and trading customers funds globally for over 20 years.

Globally Integrated Resources

With a dedicated team of professionals professionals located across the globe and trading globally, we connect global expertise with deep local knowledge to align alpha opportunities and risk exposure.

Unique Insights

Our uniquely structured global credit research process offers you the best of our thinking from teams around the world. Our capability includes professional analysts. We take a globally integrated approach, leveraging the links between credit and equity research.