Global trading in foreign exchange

CoinBytes offers several products for trading in foreign exchange. These include spot deals, forward contracts, currency swaps and FX option strategies. CoinBytes solutions protect clients from adverse exchange rate movements in order to protect their margins.

Robust research process

To meet the demands of a globally integrated world, our robust research process connects our global overview with the insight of regional specialists.

Diversification of alpha sources

We diversify by time horizon, and by exploiting the full opportunity set: credit beta, credit sector, choice of security, duration, yield curve, and country allocation.

Risk control

Risk control is an integral part of the Fixed Income investment process. It is not simply an adjunct.

Fixed Income strategies

Single-sector strategies such as government and corporate bond portfolios
Multi-sector strategies, including core and core plus bond
Extended sector strategies which cover high yield and emerging market debt
Opportunistic Fixed Income and currency strategies