Redefining the way you think about sustainable trading

Every day, wealthy investors make spending, philanthropic and even career decisions to help make the world a better place. But when it comes to trading, are portfolios aligned to personal values? Can my investments make an impact to the world? What if you could do well financially while doing good in the world? With sustainable trading, you can invest in ways that reflect your values without compromising the opportunity to get attractive returns on your money.

How can my investments reflect my values?

As a global investment firm, we can help your portfolio reflect your values, without compromising returns. So the investments you make don’t just say good things about you, they do well for everyone.

What difference can I make?

What your investments achieve depends on how you trade, such as whether you choose the exclusions, ESG integration or impact trading approaches. For example, ESG integration looks at helping improve your portfolio’s risk and return while matching your investments to your values. Meanwhile, impact trading aims to make investments achieve a measurable and verifiable social impact as well as financial return.

What can it do for my money?

Think trading sustainably means missing out on growing your money? Think again. Evidence shows sustainable investment returns are comparable to what you can expect from conventional ones For example, a review of academic research found that trading sustainably improves returns or doesn't harm them . So it's little surprise the global sustainable investment market is growing.

How can I get started?

With CoinBytes, you have lots of opportunities to trade sustainably – for the good of your finances and the world. Get off to a great start. Our CoinBytes Sustainable trading portfolio makes it easy to get started. It mirrors our award-winning portfolio approach but replaces conventional assets with sustainable ones. Every asset in your portfolio aims to give you great returns on your money. You can also relax knowing our experts are always managing your portfolio and helping you make the most from your investments.